quarrel (quarrels)

  1. an angry word fight (from Old French querele; Latin querela, questus - to complain)
  2. a word dispute or heated argument
  3. a diamond-shaped piece of coloured glass forming part of a stained glass window
  4. a square tile (from Old French quarrel or carreau; Latin quadrellus, from quadrus - a square)
  5. a square-headed arrow for a crossbow

7 letters in word "quarrel": A E L Q R R U.

No anagrams for quarrel found in this word list.

Words found within quarrel:

ae al ale alure ar are arle ea ear earl eau el equal er era err la laer lar lare lea lear leu lur lure lurer qua quale quare quarer rale rare re real rear rue ruer rule ruler rural ule ur urare ure urea ureal